Click. – Smiles
Click. – Good morning.
Click. – Pining.
Click. – Yes.
Click. – No, no, no!
Click. – Ohhhhh ok.
Click. – Why?!
Click. – Thank you.
Click. – Yearning.
Click. – Hello.
Click. – Humph.
Click. – Frustration.
Click. – Night-night.
Click. – Love.
Click. – Look at this.
Click. – Agony.
Click. – Laughing.
No click. – Ok.
No click. …
No click. – Missing
No click. – Where?
No click. – CLICK.
No click – …
No click. – Oh…I see.
Click. …Yes!
Click. – Sheesh.
Click. – Phew.
Click. – Assuaged.
Click. – Smiles.
Click, click, click…

I think we’ve clicked.




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