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I’m sure that many visitors to the Cloud have often thought to themselves, “You know, the Cloud could really do with some more categories. How remiss of Esme (or her previous incarnations), to have so very few, with such simplistic titles.” Well, fret no more good people of earth! For I present to you a brand new one to fill the aching void, all shiny and bright, (for the moment, chances are, like every bad penny some tarnish shall appear eventually).

Ahem… The Slam-bang, Slick-a-dee Smart alec’s Dictionary of Slang, brought to you by The Cloud, courtesy of Chambers.

  1. Cutting gloak – (early-mid- 19C) – One who is known for using a knife to settle quarrels.
  2. Filthy MacNasty – (1930’s) – A nickname for an unpleasant man – especially a ‘peeping Tom’ or ‘dirty old man’ *esme gives several of her male readers a long hard Paddington Bear stare***.

  3. Fake a screeve – (19C)- to write a begging letter

  4. Domino-thumper – (late 19C – 1920’s) – A piano player

  5. To ‘Dance the goat’s jig‘ – to irritate, to annoy, deliberate provocation to gain a psychological advantage; (goat getter – a malicious teaser); To render nervous. (See also – get on one’s goat, get someone’s nanny goat)

Each post in this category shall have five examples of slang.

Enjoy responsibly.


*** – esme is joking. She has a history of doing this. As stated in previous posts should anyone take offence at esme’s words, they are meant in a humorous fashion only***

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“All slang is metaphor and all metaphor is poetry. – ” Gilbert K. Chesterton
“The downtrodden are the great creators of slang.” – Anthony Burgess
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