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It seemed like any other ordinary day. Then the skytrain arrived bearing word that time had made some irrevocable changes; Sonmi, then Esme, and her Cloud had been drifting through the blogosphere for a full…two years.

The missive’s message sank in. Two years had flown by and she’d flown with them, and, as in all other dimensions, out of sync. There were mornings, days and nights that lasted for months at a time, yet weeks flashed by with a span of twenty-four hours. Time was wrapped around her like a transcendental electric blanket.

It was noted that at 435 days in, sonmi (as was), found herself in the following predicament –


Some of those wanderers have drifted away to new shores, some remain, steadfast, loyal, riding with her and she wishes them all well.

And so it came to pass that Esme (as is), this very morning, saw the mist lifting and gazed at the 142 people hiding behind trees, bushes, cars, row boats on rough seas, planes, hot air balloons, magic carpets and steamships, all of them to a wombat, following her.

The Cloud produced a giant cake from its innards the size of a football pitch, and Esme called out to each and every one of her followers, be they official or not, named or anonymous, chattering gaily, or silent partners for eternity, to join her; and so they did, one by one, some more shy than others, some beeping giant horns of glee, and she saw that they all had a single balloon grasped in their sweaty little hands. She tied each air-filled smile to the Cloud’s balustrade, and up, up, up they all floated into the blue yonder… to where?

Time will tell.

Thank you, one and all.

  • Esme piloting the Clouds.