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A superb post from Hariod that begged to be re-blogged. Whilst some may think mindfulness to be rather unimportant in the whole scheme of things, and a middle class luxury, I say this; Not only does it help adults when dealing with all that life throws at them, it also helps people manage painful, long-term health conditions; if mindfulness were taught in every junior and senior school across the land, covering all classes and backgrounds, the level of teenage suicides would drop so dramatically it would astound you. It would open up countless avenues for children, giving them the tools to help themselves when they believe nobody else can, curb the bullying and the bullies, and give alternate positive futures to many of them. It isn’t a fad, its a useful psychological tool. And it works. 


Contentedness embodied (Part One)

As human animals we spend the greater part of our lives apprehending the world reflectively, as if peering through to it by means of psychical mirrors. Our minds evolved to affect this process unwittingly via constantly flowing streams of updating composite imagery, all unquestioningly taken as the world in itself – Naïve Realism made real. Such mirroring is presumed synonymous with our life itself too – all the sights, sounds, feelings, scents, tastes and thoughts that reflect to us, outside of which no phenomena may appear. These mirrored images are, for the most part, accurate reflections of what happens around and within us, and had our species not evolved to apperceive with this level of precision, then we humans may not be here on earth today. To that extent it is a success story, yet could our mirror-gazing existence be enhanced in the evolution of some quality we lack, yet innately intuit? And may we at times glimpse that which we are yet fully to embody?

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