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Introducing Rosie, (aka Rosie-roo/the Rosester/Rosy-posy (pudding and pies), the new addition to the Cloud. (Esme lost her previous, beloved furry last August.) She’s a little rescue dog, part Staffordshire Terrier, part Dalmatian; slim with long legs, and lots of dots under her fur –  two years old and saved from such a cruel home that her previous owner has been banned from keeping animals for ten years. (Esme believes that if you are cruel and neglectful enough to garner a ten-year ban you should be banned for life. Pfft) After being passed from rescue home to rescue home, she was eventually re-homed, yet returned again after two weeks due to severe anxiety separation issues. Then I saw her in a cage whilst visiting the rescue centre and fell in love. She’s been here on the Cloud for just over a month, and is slowly coming out of her shell. She’s very damaged, but getting there, and looking happier, and feeling safer every day. She’s absolutely beautiful, with the sweetest nature imaginable and this time, she’s home for good.  – nods

Rosie roo and the knee of powerRosie-roo featuring Esme’s knee.

Blooming Rosie

Bloomin’ Lovely.

rosie spots


Resident upon the Cloud

A Lady of Leisure.

Rosie laughing away

Smiling at the photographer (esme).