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This made me chuckle; there a was study recently undertaken, the subject of which was the book Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, and it has shown there to be ‘astonishing differences’ between the US and UK versions of the tome.

David says (paraphrased, but near as dammit) that he’d given the first version to the US then worked a bit more on that script, handing the later edited version over to UK publishers, then didn’t go to the trouble of passing the changed text over to the US, reckoning it’d not matter much because he didn’t think the book was going to be so successful, and reckoned it would all be a bit of a faff.

And he hates faffing.


It raises some interesting question in regards to awards and critiques, as no one is sure which version was being inspected at the time. Also the film was based on the US book.

Here’s an example;

The U.K version – “Historians still unborn will appreciate your cooperation in the future, Sonmi ~451. We archivists thank you in the present. […] Once we’re finished, the orison will be archived at the Ministry of Testaments. […] Your version of the truth is what matters.”

In the US edition, the lines are: “On behalf of my ministry, thank you for agreeing to this final interview. Please remember, this isn’t an interrogation, or a trial. Your version of the truth is the only one that matters.”

I can’t help but think the UK did best out of it. laughs.

Here’s a link to the original article I read (thanking you Hariod) –


“Truth is singular. Its ‘versions’ are mistruths.”  ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas – Hahahahaha.

I do think David Mitchell is brilliant, and this just makes me like him all the more. I’m no fan of faffing myself. – nods grinning

Ooo I say misses!

David Mitchell. No, not that one, the oher one!


Have a beautiful slice of the score why don’t you . . .

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