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By happenstance, Esme won a prize after leaving the 100th comment on the post – ‘Contentedness embodied (Part Two)’ upon Hariod’s most fine blog a few weeks back. (I highly recommend a reading of Part One as well).

I was informed by Hariod;

“In keeping with tradition here in the net of contentedness, then as this last comment of yours was the one hundredth appearing, you are entitled to a little prize, Esme upon the Cloud. Please choose one of the following:

a) A box of vegan chocolates.
b) A Mediterranean cruise with a free muffin for breakfast each morning – warning: there may be rough seas.
c) A mystery gift of no pecuniary value.”

Esme’s answer;

“The 100th comment!! And I didn’t plan it either. If I had done I’d need to get out a great deal more mind you.

A prize! Well…

a) – My taste is more savoury than sweet, so no.
b) – Sounds way too dangerous.
c) – Yes, that’s ideal.

‘Pecuniary’ – pockets it Nice.”

And what a prize the stone it has turned out to be! It is a ‘Holey or Healing stone’, and they are rare items, for the holes are caused naturally through weathering across time and space and therefore don’t pop up too often. This one originated in Devon and I am highly honoured to have been gifted it by Hariod, who knows esme has a deep love for stones and minerals, (specifically ‘found’ ones –  those collected when one is wandering about without agenda, rather than those posh polished stones that have been made into small jewellery dishes and ashtrays which aren’t her bag at all). They are said to protect those who harbour them, and people often wear smaller versions around their necks. If esme wore this one round her neck she’d spend the rest of her days on all fours (throws a few warning glances about). They are also known as ‘Odin Stones’ because in The Edda, Odin transmuted himself into a worm and slipped through a hole in a rock to steal ‘the mead of poetry’. Thus the name. (Esme likes a good saga).

Thank you Hariod *curtsies happily*




It is 6.5″ x 4″ in size with a 2″ depth through the hole (misses) and weighs 847 grams. The photo doesn’t do it justice as it changes from every angle and the hole has width and depth within itself too (more misses). That’s an absolutely cracking stone that is. Thank you Hariod, it is incredibly beautiful, and I smile every time I look upon it. ❤ bows and curtsies low, then shakes Hariod’s hand for a good five minutes and more, until a scuffle breaks out, and the police are called by Rosie (the dog).