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Esme and the Cloud are now back in residence, floating once again in the blogosphere.

Thank you for hanging around, those who are still here, (some have departed, and in the last few of weeks I have been losing and gaining a follower (not the same one) every couple of days, so there have remained as many as there were before leaving, it’s just that they aren’t all who they were.)

Clear as mud!

And . . .  The President and Founder is back! I am highly pleased by this occurrence. smiles broadly

To the others who have strayed rather than stayed- esme wishes them luck, blows a very large raspberry their way, and gives not one fig – for one should only ever stay with a blog because one (or two, maybe thirty odd, I can’t add up very well) loves the content, and ideally the author too.  – nods

Chances are I shall lose even more folks now because circumstance has left esme with no choice but to be extra frugal with her time  – in as much as – (this bit has gone!) and she’s writing and hand-illustrating (prints and pen and ink) a small book of poems and short stories – the proof reading alone is ageing her by the day (laughs and waves at her proof-reader/editor/miracle-worker who waves back weakly and looks like he lives in hell the poor sod).

The upshot? I shall post as often as I can, for I do love being here, with my fellow bedlamites (points at you), upon the Cloud –  but there is no way in heaven/Dante’s Inferno/Aldi/The Pound Shop that I can keep up with all your lovely blogs all the time. Some of you post every day, some several times a week, some every leap year (or so it seems –  (Uses a pea shooter to wake them up with a bullseye in the right buttock) so I’ll be doing a ‘catch-up’ at the end of each week and will try my utmost best to comment at least that often upon your digital papyrus.

Esme is aware that this will not do for some, as they feel they should get back as much as they give and she does understand that and asks that if this means they won’t be staying, that they shut the door on the way out, leave their Cloud cape and Monocle of power with her butler (Hariod) and bugger off.