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I love a good ellipse, don’t get me wrong, I think they deserve as many sticky buns as a comma, full stop or semi, (colon that is, calm yourself). However sometimes . . . they irritate esme. In fact I have stopped following some people because the answer to any and every single comment I left ended with an ellipse. It went like this;

Esme – “This tickled me highly, I really enjoyed it. smiles

ellipse nut – “Thanks . . .”

Esme – “I had no idea this artist even existed! Thank you for the heads up.”

ellipse nut – “You’re welcome . . .”

The replies read as sarcasm to me. They weren’t, probably, though if so everyone was getting it. It sounds rather “Gee thanks”. No doubt about it, and even if they were aiming to be as sweet as sugar, it’s impossible for me to read it any other way. Within stories or poems they can work wonderfully, and are almost a necessity at times, but it’s easy to overuse them and I’m sure I’ve done that myself before now. And when they do work, they can make all the difference, however, when they don’t its glaringly obvious (to this crazy mystic meg in the Clouds anyway).

None I follow at present do this, so set your wrinkled and furrowed brows at rest. If you’re reading this, you use them with aplomb and I have no tofu with you (*beef being out of the question) and the others are long behind me by now. But I come across it often.

I don’t cut any noses off to spite a Cloud Dancer’s face mind you –  if I was truly keen on the writing, I would stay and just get very irritated with them in silence forever. Hahahahaha . . .

We must all have certain writing styles and uses of grammar (of which that isn’t) that we come across which grate. I suspect some folks have smashed their monitors to smithereens (great word) after coming upon yet another of esme’s  – cartwheel/stickybun/bananas/wombats  – nonsense, but they wont hang about, and as long as they don’t tell me about it, I’m happy as Larry’s twin sister.

How about you? You there!  – points at you as you duck out the door to make a brew and hide

(Feel free to now pepper your comments with dots folks – *nods)