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Write my name,
You know what it be.
Pen it true
To connect to me;
The one appellation
That sets one free.
The initial moniker
Of she, you see,
Who has the fullest
Measure of thee.

Write. My. Name.

Write my name,
Not an alias of favour.
Print it bold,
It will have you braver.
Ink the letters
(Gold nib don’t waver).
Nay worries nor frets,
Just sit and savour.
Breath me in slow
And taste the flavour.

Write. My. Name.

Write my name,
On the mountains inscribe;
Though do take precautions,
(Be certain to hide).
Indite it clear,
Not merely implied.
Print that land’s flag —‘tis bona fide,
Fill heaven’s hilt
With a sky-writer’s glide.

Write. My. Name.

Write my name,
Scan your memories twice.
You know all is well
Worth the admission price.
No soubriquets please — do play gneiss.
Search through your matter,
Rediscover the slice
Sitting squarely in the folder,
That is labelled . . . ‘Vice’.