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Those are the words emblazoned upon the dashboard of the Tesla car Elon Musk shot into space this week, managing to make space travel, and rockets that can land back on Earth with aplomb, appear easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

The nod to Douglas Adams makes Esme’s heart beat happier, as does the soundtrack playing through the speakers as it drives on into into the heavens – Life on Mars by David Bowie. A fitting tribute to both Star Men I’d say, (not to mention Tesla himself!)

Well done Elon.

If he ever buys a white cat and shaves his head it’s time to get very worried folks.


The full story is below, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper –

SpaceX oddity: how Elon Musk sent a car towards Mars

Esme’s personal, and bestest towel, here for Bill to see.

And there’s more! (New information released!) Elon has revealed there’s something extra hidden on board the car. A hidden cache of information! I suspected something similar, it’s too good an opportunity not to add a little more for the finders of the car, should there be any.

‘Stashed inside the midnight-cherry Roadster was a mysterious, small object designed to last for millions (perhaps billions) of years – even in extreme environments like space, or on the distant surfaces of far-flung planetary bodies.

Called an Arch (pronounced ‘Ark’), this tiny storage device is built for long-term data archiving, holding libraries of information encoded on a small disc of quartz crystal, not much larger than a coin.

According to Arch Mission Foundation, the California-based nonprofit behind the technology, these Archs could “preserve and disseminate humanity’s knowledge across time and space, for the benefit of future generations”.

The Arch looks like a shrunk-down DVD or Blu-ray, but its potential for data storage goes way beyond any optical discs you have in your home.

The technology, developed by physicist Peter Kazansky from the University of Southampton in the UK, can theoretically hold up to 360 terabytes of data, about the same amount as 7,000 Blu-Ray discs.’

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