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From today Esme is the owner of esmeuponthecloud.com, any previous linkage will be redirected to the appropriate expected (or unexpected – tales of etc) post though, so naught is lost there. It will take 72 hours to completely swap over, so you may not as yet see the change, but I am nothing if not patient –  sits drumming her fingers looking very bloody impatient

I can change a great deal of the design elements on the main page that I’m leaving just the same as they are for I like things just fine as they stand for now falls about, and I’m pretty sure I should have access to a variety of fonts for the content of the posts, but can’t see suitable buttons. If not I’ll complain and throw a few cabbages but not send poo in the post or anything. We have standards to keep up.

I’ll be able to sell the book of power from here too. big eyes with a’ mwahahaha’ thrown in

  • esme installing her best throne and donning her giant Empress wig (the wig is giant, not the Empress, ya cheeky piece.)