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There’s little as wondrous as the taste of your homegrown corn on the cob folks.


And yes, it’s Willow Pattern, and yes the Fennel has grown so large it’s turned pirate and is trying to wrestle with the sunflowers, and yes . . . very tall sunflowers, just over eight-foot this year –  looks very pleased and awaits the ‘corny’ puns’.

And above is the first ‘Bumble-bee’ Tomato of the crop. No, it is not black and yellow Mr Pink, I am aware of that, and the blue and white crockery is a Teapot from the 1950’s  – J & G Meakin – ‘Blue Nordic’ pattern and it does not match the plate –   esme laughing covering as many bases in advance as possible sat with the Jolly Green Giant upon the Cloud.