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Rather than go dark, my muse decided (never asks Esme mind, just strikes when I’m not looking. Cheeky sod) to counter all the dearth of fear soaking us up at present with a touch of sun, of sorts, perhaps lightening too – with a bolt of . . .  inspiration.

Brought to Life

A flash slashes the skies
Upwards go the eyes . . .

The neck tips back ~ swings on its hinge,
Wide with a thwack ~ its zenith un-impinged,
To behold a thrall supreme ~ stiff as a glyph,
An ebullient beam ~ piercing fourth to fifth,
Fearsome and fantastic ~ a coruscating stream:
Lunatic Lit. bombastic ~ belts a fulgent theme;

One of so very many ~
~ Or so it would seem . . .

Through trachea illuminati ~ wild rioting ricochets,
Machiavellian as Moriarty ~ divergent radiant rays
Embolden; sneaky mingling ~ slips in a searing spear,
Ooh, feel those fingers tingling ~ hotshot bioengineer,
Trading feral emissions ~ excavated tones elate
Bunsen burner ignitions ~ spark the cervical primate;

Memory bank storms ~
~ Brain’s cepheid stars gestate . . .

Thoracic bones entice ~ lower lumbar bass aglow,
A kind of sacrum sacrifice ~ the spine twists to and fro,
Synovial notions swivel ~ ossein concepts thrash in sync,
This fire-fuelled divil ~ commandeers to think as ink,
Firma’s straps unhook and fly ~ arms widen with a roar,
This fantoccini’s new supply ~ creator takes the floor.

A bolt from the blue
You inspiration-monger . . . you.