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The virus has sparked a wave of street art, I thought I’d share some with you all. Some may say the message to stay at home whilst clearly not being at home  –  painting away instead is conflicting, however art is essential, and I guarentee they’ll have been painting as fast as their fingers could shake the tins.

Some are beautiful, some very dark, but all worth the time taken I think, I’ve added the artist to each piece when I could find them, should any be missing, and you know who they are do let me know.

For those of you in complete isolation at present I share an extra wave from the Cloud, as Esme is doing the same. No jaunts to Saturn, the rope ladder has been pulled up and stored away for what is guarenteed to be rather a long time.

Art helps.

I don’t know where this is or who the artist is but it’s both a great piece and and excellently caught camera shot.

London, UK. Artist: Lionel Stanhope (Cracking job)

Los Angeles, Artist: Hijack

Hubbard Stree Mural. US. Artist unknown

Italy on the side of a hospital, artist unknown (Beautiful concept)

Pontefract, UK. Artist: Rachel List

‘One Love’ Shoreditch Street London, UK. Artist unknown

La Gioconda, Barcelona. Artist unkown


Los Angeles. US. Artist – Teachr1

Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist –  Andreas Welin Los Angeles, USA. Artist –  Jules Muck (not terribly hygenic)

Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh (Heheheheh)

United Kingdom. Artist: Gnasher

Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh Tartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess Täna Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel (nice shot)

London, UK. Artist: Pegaus Mumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street Art

Miami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” Yoro  (nice shadow-work)

Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie Mattie

Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy (my favourite)

STAY HOME – Pompei, Italy. Artist –  Nello Petrucci

Los Angeles, USA. Artist –  Teachr1

Covefefe 19, Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist-  Welinoo (Not so much funny as the face of death in all it’s true glory)

Mein Schatz – Berlin, Germany. Artist –  EME Freethinker

Super Nurse  – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist –  Fake


See more examples here – Street Art .


And lo, when it was finally safe for the people to return to the streets from their isolated abodes, emerged a nation of smiling, fat, hairy alocholics, blinking in the sunlight like tubby newborn kittens‘- Esme