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As many of you know Esme collects oddities. Sometimes damaged ( outer condition is a terrible way to judge worth), sometimes not, but always old and let’s face it, a bit weird.*

This is Skully. I found him a good twenty years ago in a charity shop and was drawn to how utterly bonkers he was. It isn’t clear if he was meant to be an ashtray, or a trinket dish (for goths or Esme), though he was employed briefly as a teabag holder. Sorry about that Skully, Esme knows better now –  looks shady, briefly.

I was looking at him yesterday and recalled never being able to read the stamp on his backside, so thought I’d see if I can put a maker’s name to his bony face. I’ve photographed the stamp as best I can a couple of ways and by eye too, think it says ‘Bourne or Courne of (&) Har……’ I can’t work out the rest and may be wrong about the former. He’s old, but how old I don’t know. There’s a fair amount of cracking to his glaze mind, so I’m thinking pre-1960’s.


Can anyone shed any more light for me? All help most appreciated. Just the time to solve a mystery rather than dwell on current events eh? Get your deerstalker hats on, there’s a virtual plate of sticky buns and tinfoil culottes on offer.


*(Here’s another example, dear old Tom Noddy, another as of yet unsolved mystery! – https://esmeuponthecloud.com/2017/10/31/tom-noddy-do-you-know-anything-of-him/  )