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The Cloud Speaks On the Subject of Revenge

Revenge is a relentless drama, greedy by nature. Watch it at work, feel it pull your sphincter drawstring-tight, then voraciously begin proceedings — get there early for the bitchin’-best seats in the house — with an entrée of guts and colon, of licks at liver’s thistled buds. Ads promising ripe reparation flicker through the mind as Scene One dips into belly-kicks and dicks about the diaphragm, crawls with sucker-tipped fingers up the oesophagus, tearing the trachea, finally filling the throat with bastardly bile, and the eyes with blind, pure venom-dripping hatred.

Yet this drama, served cold so to speak, to an audience of one, is merely the jaw-dropping finale of the 10th series. Better by far is infinity’s inevitable inheritance screening Karma: Effortless Vengeance. — the 24 carat blockbuster in glorious 3D.

Your ticket is in your back pocket.