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Perhaps not nimble, but certainly fingers rather than claws or potatoes.

Along with the concentrated editing going on, I’ve been crocheting. I started last winter specifically to distract from the darkness and didn’t expect to get as ‘hooked’ (bows) as I have.

I give you . . . my Vincent Sunflower Throw!

No, I don’t give it to you, I let you see it. Let’s not go mad. It has a long blue fringe at either end but that’s hidden by the grass.

The flowers are 3d.

Also, there’s a patchwork affair I’ve made for a lovely lady in her nineties who likes to sit in her garden but gets cold very easily, it should liven the autumn and winter up for her. (And yes, of course I’m a saint, whoever questioned it?! gets her little black book out to write names down just in case.)

This is something called ‘Sophie’s Universe’ a pattern I found whilst mooching online,

Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015

Now, enough of that, come and have a dance with me – esme gets down and back up again several times doing her thang