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I was astounded to see the video for this song today for the first time and finally see who sings it. He’s such a young lad! Looks about 14. Could easily be in any indie band right now. I always visualised some older chap in a ruffled shirt with huge collars and sidies to match (sideburns for the uninitiated). So much for Esme’s powers of deduction. The girl in the bowler hat is not me thank you Professor Taboo for I’m sure asking, not Esme at all, honest guv. I can dance for a start, but you are in the right ballpark.

It’s a huge favourite on the dancefloor for me, and as I am at present unable to visit said dancefloor I shall strut my moves in the Cloud ballroom. Do join me;  arm-waving with passion and ruffled shirts obligatory.