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Lola. Lola Dupre in this case rather than Ray Davis’s lovely lola, see the link in her name for her official site and more works of art.

I found this artist quite recently and everything she creates is eye-catching, at first I thought it was digital art ( I wrote ‘computer generated’ then realised that gives away Esme being 329 years old), but it’s actually painstaking collage work with paper. I’ve added a few close-ups below to show the detail.

You are guaranteed to have a favourite, mine is number 16, give me a number back –  looks demanding and paces about waiting


Number One –  Best Fathead in Show winner.

Number Two –  Cock-eyed


Number Three –  Something has been eating away at him.

Number Four –  Joyous pupster
Number Five – Unreliable generally I suspect.

Number six –  This is Charlie the cat, who features in several of her works, I think he suits the triangle all too well.

Number Seven –  You rarely see a lady with so many…bellybuttons.Number Eight –  Furball.

Number Nine –  Excellent typist
Number Ten – Why the long face?Number Eleven – Close-up of the work.Number Twelve  –  Spider-dog, Spider-dog, does whatever a Spider-dog does.

Number Thirteen –  The thighs have it.
Number Fourteen –  Charlie again giving his best side to the camera.

Number Fifteen –  Cracking staircases in there.

Number Sixteen –  Sneaky sort, would steal your socks whilst you still had them on.

Number Seventeen – Behind the scenes.


Number Eighteen – Serious stuff.