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Yesterday, the anniversary of sonmi’s entrance through the side door, (quietly, no fuss), into the sphere that is blogger-filled,  granted the most visitors and visits to the Cloud ever recorded in the history of all history (a year basically), which is rather nice when you think about it. 240 views and 30 different visitors no less! All those who won awards have visited the Cloud since the ceremony was posted and perused then digested the occasion, and their reactions have all been overwhelmingly positive and highly touching.

However, it would be fair to say that those winners who have either said nowt, or not pressed the ‘like’ button…..were not thrilled with the affair. The other side of that somewhat dark, dismal ,and indeed murky coin is the fact that at least no-one has officially complained, (so Ophelia Fanny informs me), or asked for their names, links or images to be removed. Small mercies. Hey ho. (No comments necessary re this, I respect folks right to not like that which I post, just so long as they never vocalise their annoyance –  laughs).

Another first popped up yesterday too – my first ever ping-pong! Pink-bag? Ping-back! This came courtesy of jess and here’s where it took me;


Fame at last! (I would hate to be famous, however small-scale adoration is right up my alley sir.) Thank you Jess – smiles and bows low.

Also one of my jolly crew of followers asked a boon. Or perhaps a dare. No, twas a challenge, see;

Emy – “Sonmi, I want to challenge YOU (crowd gasps). That’s right, challenge you with a wet cabbage leaf.
I challenge you to disclose 7, as in the 7 deadly sins, personal facts about yourself.
I particularly want to know where you got your wicked sense of humour from.”

Seven facts. Actual facts. Not one to shirk such matters (unless I can wriggle out of it like a snake covered in engine oil on a ladder), I have accepted the quest, challenge I mean. So…..seven it is – takes the wet cabbage leaf and a deep breath;

1) When sonmi was four years old she won the prettiest hair competition at Butlins Holiday Camp in Ayrshire, and the prize was an article that changed the path of her life forever. It was a Noddy painting set!


(This is a plaster and paint Noddy set, but tis the closest I could find and you get the gist I’m sure)




2) Last year, the farthest sonmi cycled in one day was 26 miles. –  looks very chuffed with herself for a moment.

3) sonmi’s sense of humour came from the many painful years spent as an alien forced to mix with human children. She survived by making them laugh, and then making dust appear where she had been stood. (It is also a genetic condition).

4) sonmi once climbed to the highest point one is allowed to up the Eiffel Tower. Just as she stepped off the small ladder…a thick blanket of fog came down and there was naught to see but  a solid grey wall.

5) A medium-sized, 15 year old contemplative canine resides with sonmi upon the Cloud and she is the best dog in the known and unknown universe – fact.

6) Only two more to go. –  pulls at her collar sweating a little….sonmi owns a working ye olde gramophone with ancient records to play upon it.

7) sonmi has long, wavy, bright red hair, and she is an alien.

So, there you have it. Treat it well. With knowledge comes responsibility. These secrets are ancient and must be kept from those who would use them against me and seek to imprison me once again within the glass prism known as……’The Phantom Zone’!….Hang on, no that’s General Zod the baddy out of Superman. But still……keep shtum.   – looks suspiciously from side to side a few times quickly