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A small phenomenon is occurring here and there around the world, solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark cycle paths. It’s a smart idea and looks very beautiful going off the videos and photographs. During the day the bright blue effort looks a tad garish to me mind you. There’s one in Poland, another in Amsterdam and a third has been rolled out in the UK in Cambridge. The reason the UK gets the ok is because parks and public walkways through green areas are having their lamp posts and other types of electric lighting removed to save money. So less a terribly noble nod to the arts or safelty, more a pretty kick up the bum. For, light as they are, the paths aren’t truly bright enough to solely ensure the safety of either cyclists or walkers. If this scheme were being employed with sufficient extra soft lighting, or perhaps stretched of one then the other, then aplaud esme would, but the UK government is as tight as a gnat’s chuff, and so penny pinching that it will have the populace lighting their own homes by means of dynamo’s attached to unicycles at this rate. And charge them for the privelige no doubt!

But sod the rotters –  onto the aesthetics – the Amsterdam path is dedicated to Van Gogh and in a ‘Starry Night’ style and by the Gods tis a fine effort! Esme likes them all mind you and is keen to try one out.



The UK version

It doesnt stop at foot/cycle paths mind you. Oh no. The same people behind the Dutch project are trying to raise funds for, would you believe . . . glow in the dark trees! Really. Not by painting them, but by crossing their dna with jellyfishs’s (jellyfishes? Jelly-fish’s/Jellifi/Jellifimous?  – wrinkles brow) that are luminescent. The main problem with this is the idea that believing you can control such a thing as the biology of plant-life. Within a short few years there’s every chance you’d not be able to look out into the darkness that is your back garden at midnight without seeing the tree and bush version of Blackpool illuminations (substitute ‘a fairground’ here if you know not of Blackpool and its many exotic treats).


Leave the jelly fish alone man!! Let alone the damn trees. Humans. I kid you not, such a bunch of utter short-sighted morons as I have ever come across throughout all universes and dimensions.


“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein