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This morning I noticed a small stream of viewers appearing, so followed the referrer back to the source and it’s here


And a very fine chap he seems all in all, who visits Prof Taboo (don’t hold it against him falls about) and I enjoyed his thoughts, so do go and have a look.

So why ‘Good grief’? Well up to now I have had 138 visitors, 136 of which have been sent my way from Infidel’s blog, and every minute more visitors appear, however, I have had not one, not even ONE like! Hahahahahaha. I’d rather have two visitors and one like. And where has this link sent all the beings of the universe to? One of my finest gems of prose or poetry that I hold so dear? No, instead the page they are all going to is the post about bollocks. I kid you not.

Out of all my work over the years they’re all trooping along to look at my bollocks.