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Firstly I give you . . .

All Things Sweet and Painful

That is the title of the latest collection of art made by Ronit Baranga. Here’s a selection of his work. I found them only last night and I have to say I am as wild as a wild creature gets about all the pieces! They are so far up my street the sun doesn’t even shine on them. The creativity and imagination involved, twinned with skill . . . by gum.

I have included some pieces from previous collections as well that caught my eye. If only I had the coinage to procure one for the Cloud! Imagine them with sticky buns! Oh the tea party we would have . . .  Enjoy . . . and keep ya fingers off!

This one is my favourite. Do you like any of them? I’m curious.

Then again, this one’s an absolute cracker!

Come to mamma?

Getting a tad more disturbing, as if that were possible.

Open mouths are a big thing for this guy, and they work so well.

Now onto a different artist who has made a piece of work that I do own and would also be described by some as making disturbing art. Her creations are beautiful, bold, sweary, and shout to the skies! Little masterpieces.

Allison Turner Designs 

This way round for when the mother-in-law visits.

And which is Esme’s? Well at present I have the following little miss . . . 

She looks so mischievous. Her thoughts show on her belly.  She stands 7″ or 18cm high and is right at home. She’s a Cloudster now.  I have since found out you can request any wordage you wish on any of Allison’s pieces! I have already put two more orders in. 

Here’s Allison’s Home page, you can see all her wares there, she also makes huge clay and metal sculptures. And unlike Ronit, whose pieces go for thousands of pounds, this cheeky bunch are perfectly affordable. I’m wild about them all. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AllisonTurnerDesigns

I should also add that I am not advertising for anyone here, I won’t do that for cash tis the devil’s work, I don’t know Ronit from a bag of nectarines and Alison knows not (yet) that she has been featured; for featured is the word. 

Here is a related artist I collected upon my travels through the troposphere . . Johnson Tsang

And I’m sure you all remember Tom Noddy! 

I’m still getting to grips with this horrendous new editor they have foisted upon us! So bear with if it all looks a tad higgledy of pig.